How To Attract Deer & Keep Them On Your Property

If you’re looking to attract more deer, and keep them on your property, then you will need a few things. Deer should have food, water, and cover available to them at all times. It will also help if you stay out of the woods as much as possible.

  1. Food- You should make sure there is a variety of food to make sure they stay healthy, and will have food all year around.  You can try planting apple trees, pear trees, Oak trees, raspberry bushes. If you have enough land you can try to plant a mixture of grass, clover, and other plants deer like. You can go to to get some of the foods I’ve listed at a good price. Or you can click on the images below to buy some of the foods I listed on here.
  2. Deer get a lot of water from the foods they eat, so as long as you have water on or near your property you should be fine.
  3. You need to make the deer feel safe if you want them to stay there. If you have a heavily wooded area on your property that is really thick, then deer will probably use that as their bedding area. If you don’t then you should try to make your own by planting a lot of small trees and bushes for them to use as cover. You should stay out of this area so they always feel like they can go there to hide.
  4. Once the deer are on your land you should only go in the woods when you need to. You should also limit the amount of hunters you allow on your property. You can do this by putting up posted signs. If you don’t do this people could over hunt the area, and all the hard work you put into your property would be for nothing. You can click on the image below to buy posted signs.       

If you would like to learn more about white-tailed deer you can click on the image of a book below.