Tips To Help You Get A Big Buck

This post was made to help any hunter who might be having trouble getting a deer, but mostly for new hunters who don’t have much experience yet. Anyone that has been deer hunting for a while has certain hunting gear that they never go in the woods without. They don’t use these items because they need them, they use them because they know it will highly increase their chances of getting that big buck they’re after. Deer are smart, they have extremely good senses, and they will use all of them to avoid you in the woods. So I’ve decided to make a list of supplies that should give you a better chance at getting the deer you’re after. If you would like to buy any of the items I’m going to talk about, just click on the images at the bottom of the list.

  1. Scent eliminator- This is the most important one I’m going to talk about. I’ve seen a lot more deer every year since I started using scent eliminators. Deer have a really good sense of smell and if they smell things such as shampoo, gasoline, body odor, deodorant, pets, or anything else that they are not use to smelling, then you probably will not see them. Even if you cannot smell anything on yourself or your clothes, a deer probably can. I would recommend using Scent Killer Gold. It is the best scent eliminator I have used so far.
  2. Tree stand- This one is more important if you are using a bow. I use to hunt from the ground all the time before I started using tree stands. You can get a deer from the ground, but you stand a lot better chance at seeing and getting a deer if you are off of the ground.
  3. Grunt call- A grunt call is something that I have used a lot in the past to get deer in close. When you’re hunting you will usually try to hunt by a deer trail or by a food source because you know the deer go there, but deer are unpredictable and rarely ever go where you expect them to. I’ve had many times when a deer walks by just out of range because they didn’t use the deer trail. When you’re in that type of situation, a grunt call can be just the thing you need to call them in close enough for a shot. I recommend using the Extinguisher by Illusion. I would also recommend getting a doe bleat call such as “The Original Can” by Primos. I’ve had good luck with both of these calls.
  4. Deer scents- Deer scents can be used as cover scents or attractants. If you use doe urine in the early season it can help make the deer feel calm and increase your chances of seeing a deer. You can use buck urine during the rut to attract dominant bucks who are looking to keep other bucks out of their territory. Or you can use doe in estrous urine to attract bucks during the rut. I usually use Tinks #69 Doe in rut buck lure. (I do not recommend putting any of these scents on your clothes or boots.)
  5. Rattling antlers- These can be used during the rut to lure in bucks that are far away. I have also used antlers to rattle in nocturnal bucks that usually never come in during legal shooting hours. I have always preferred using real antlers over rattle bags or plastic antlers, but I’ve been using the “Black Rack” by Illusion for the last 2 years and it has worked very well.
  6. Range Finder- This is another thing that is more important if you are using a bow, especially if you are new and you are not good at judging distance yet.
  7. Trail Camera- Trail cameras can be very helpful, and save you a lot of time. You can use them to see what deer are in the area, what time they are there, and how often they go there.

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