8 Tips On How To Save Money

Saving money is something almost everyone would love to do. So I’ve made a list of some things you can try, to help you save money, and possibly even make some in the process. By using all of these tips I’ve saved a couple hundred dollars every month. I hope you get the same results.

  1. You can try using coupons. My wife started using coupons a few years ago after seeing the show Extreme Couponing. On average we usually save about $40 a week by doing this.
  2. Try buying most of your food for the week at the grocery store. Eating out all the time can get expensive.
  3. Try buying things in bulk at places like BJ’s Wholesale Club, Or Sam’s Club.
  4. You can grow your own garden. Doing this can be time consuming, so if you don’t have time for that you can try to buy fruit trees and berry bushes. You can get them from Amazon.com, or Home Depot.
  5. Using a debit card can even help save money over time because instead of getting change back when you buy something it just stays in your account. I know I use to lose change all the time before I started using a debit card.
  6. Try banking at a credit union. They usually have fewer fees, and they also have higher interest rates on their savings accounts so you can make more money just by banking through them.
  7. Most gas stations have free rewards cards you can get now, so depending on how much you drive, you could save quite a bit.
  8. You can also buy one of the many books that will teach you how to save money. You can get them at amazon.com. The books usually cost anywhere from $5 to $15, but they could save you hundreds every month. I will put some of the books I recommend below.